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Companion animals are a major interest in many peoples’ lives and they and their veterinarians want best treatments to protect and care for their health and wellbeing. Care of domesticated animals require extra skills because they have less brain lateralization than primates and humans and thus less capacity to adjust to pain. Also while animals learn from human communication they cannot speak and thus diagnosis is more dependent on human interpretation and examination.

Domestic animals and other mammals suffer from aging related mitochondrial degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, myopathies, polyneuropathies, glaucoma and deafness and can benefit from veterinary medicines to treat these ailments.

The pathologies observed in human and animal diabetes and dementias have very many similarities.

In treating degenerative diseases in animals conclusions may be derived regarding the effectiveness of drugs in controlling progression and preventing complications in shorter timeframes than in man given the shorter life span of domestic animals.

Animal Health

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