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Product Philosophy

Verne Mendel has a clear and differentiated product philosophy, based on our commitment to deliver superior products from a constantly evolving medical and scientific knowledge base and collating, analyzing and optimizing further internal research, making novel interpretations and creating leading edge products.

To establish competitive advantage, we have developed systematic processes to supplement traditional data analysis techniques. Our innovation is to devise algorithms to interpret product specifications required to provide effective solutions for complex diseases and design effective products. We streamline the process of product discovery and development and effectively industrialize it.

Capital Value

A Discovery & Development Cost Interplay model is utilized at all stages from product conception to market. Costs and values are attributed to all activities and work processes. Metrics of those costs and values are generated continually for financial, human and intellectual property items recognizing all items for their opportunity cost and or value expressed by the same currency unit. This leads to an awareness, which allows us to focus and use knowledge better, bring the right skill sets to any problem and create solutions, which keep us in the forefront.

Risk Management

Science allows mankind to control the risks of existence and replace risk with stable and valuable answers enabling a richer life. Risk cannot be escaped or shunned, rather knowledge has to replace it with opportunities and turn it into value. Our comprehensive product development approach operated via our risk and enterprise management methodology leads to focused, best choice and profit-oriented growth. A high level of intellectual curiosity is fostered by such global product design approach and this stimulates confident control of risk and a depth of research, which drive continued product innovation. Our Discovery & Development Cost Interplay Model includes risk models, which enable value based management and optimization of capital deployment. In summary our strategy is to gain advantage by awareness.

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