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Privacy Statement

Legal & Privacy

We collect information in a manner, which adheres to relevant laws and regulations, and safeguard such information.. We do not sell, rent or share your personal information with outside third parties. We shall not disclose your personal information to any other parties without your consent and any information disclosures to third parties will only occur in accordance with applicable laws. If information is disclosed to our external contractors the company will establish that such parties provide proper privacy controls.

We may collect information about you by using "cookies" and other technological means to ascertain your usage patterns and interests. We use generic information such as IP addresses to monitor traffic and diagnose technical problems with the Site. We also use this information to perform statistical reports and match site contents and user needs.

When you apply for a position you consent to our receipt and processing of your information in that manner. If you request information or services from our site we may ask you for identifying information and we may use your information to enhance the manner in which we provide information to other persons, such as by updating content on our web site.

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