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Verne Mendel maximizes the efficiency of its development effort by initiating its experimental methodologies after defining its path to product in light of its proprietary algorithms.

Verne Mendel’s people place patients at the heart of the creative process and unlock the potential of every opportunity through collaboration with each other and our stakeholders. Our product design approach results in sustainable healthcare solutions based on scientific principles and our interdependent culture stimulates creative thinking and maintains the integrity of our problem solving.

We innovate by challenging – by conceiving the right questions

We believe that the quality of our products can raise the quality of peoples’lives

We work from the scale of an atom or an electron to that of a fully-grown human or a disease population

We are guided by sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of patients

Our work embraces chemistry, medicine and product specifications

Our work ranges from preventing pathologies and complications of disease, which have not yet happened to treating longstanding disease

Our team is mentally youthful “Verne Mendel” and adaptable.

Every product is unique, yet we approach its creation steadfastly committed to several common ideas:

The product makes a significant difference in the quality of life of the people who use it and on occasion also in the lives of their families and or caregivers.

Product excellence is achieved by talented individuals, inspiring leaders and a synergistic team, who can draw upon the expertise and experience of other leaders.

Verne Mendel initially focused on a group of complementary products areas linked by a common avenue of understanding and exploration.

Knowledge gained in one product had the potential to inform the issues relevant to others. This group of mitochondrial degenerative diseases opens a creative R & D process into many product areas.

Verne Mendel’s organizational structure accommodates the diverse intellects of each of our people, who work together to critique, strengthen and synergise each other’s output. The Company leverages its continually growing body of research and industry expertise to develop products, which provide uncompromised healthy solutions.


Verne Mendel maximizes the efficiency of its development effort by initiating its experimental methodologies after defining its path to product in light of its proprietary algorithms.

Thus process casts a wide net and precedes experimental work by redefining the problem and following a deductive path which explores the general issues of developing a product including the unique needs of a product type and the patients who will use it, the opportunities for innovation including use of biomarkers which can demonstrate a mechanism of action or allow us to titrate therapeutic effect, technological advancement and sustainability product and the limitations and opportunities pertaining to the disease and the affected population. This assumes that the challenge of the project is to go beyond the historical solutions. What results is a true synthesis of development requirements, treatment context and innovation that is intelligently integrated in its chemical, biological and medical treatment frameworks.

Data Analysis

We strive to seamlessly integrate product and disease, creating biological activities that demonstrate our unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to caring for people’s health and wellbeing. We collaborate with leaders and experts to bring substance to their visions. Coordinating a broad range of expertise, we cultivate each project’s essential qualities. Our understanding of these characteristics leads to unique product features. We weigh data carefully to determine its true information value and to avoid generating much further data without a clear expectation of its applicable endpoints.

Risk Management

We are in the business of disentangling risks and replacing them with robust answers. We do so by employing people who are motivated to ask the right questions, identify paths to redefine problems and their context, who can analyze data constructively to identify the signal and remove the noise and attain new vantage points of problems and create solutions. We incentivise individually and team wide for outstanding results. These results come from the drive to be guided by robust evidence and clear conclusions, talent which identifies viable pathways to move away from risks and a continuous reflection, review and customizing of the avenues ahead. We account for risks in mathematical formats, relate them to our Decision Development Cost Interplay model and place values on the outcomes.

Data & Information

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