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Our Firm

Business Principles

Our beliefs and principles guide our actions internally and externally to achieve excellence:

We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We earn the trust of our stakeholders and partners.

We strive for success through expertise, efficiency and sound decision-making in all we do. We are passionate about what we do and its value to patients, investors and employees.

We treat fellow employees and other stakeholders fairly and honestly.

We find the most talented employees and help them become even more competent. We create a working environment that attracts truly outstanding individuals, all of whom are contributors and expect to be promoted to higher responsibilities and achieve excellence. Employee achievement is recognized and rewarded. As a performance driven company, we promote individuals based on the quality of their ideas, their ability to execute on those ideas, and achievements in creating value for our customers and investors.

We pursue individual growth, always developing our capabilities and we relate as a team, developing ties of mutual confidence and respect. Thus we work to achieve individual and collective success.

We employ creativity and imagination in all of our work processes. We have an insatiable desire for knowledge, asking the most beneficial questions and seeking decisive answers. We draw on our research & risk expertise to generate value for our stakeholders.

We discover new potential, making the most of our talents.

We actively seek and consider internal and outside perspectives in order to best succeed.

We lead and pioneer by refining knowledge and operational excellence.

We commit ourselves to do the best possible job at all times. We continuously monitor our effectiveness and results. We innovate in response to human needs.

In developing products we place patients’ interests and serve them to become their first choice.

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