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Our Firm

We are focused on providing advantageous solutions for degenerative mitochondrial diseases, which influence onset and progression and complications of these diseases. Healthcare delivery is changing as patients become ever more knowledgeable in a knowledge driven society. Medicine and pharmaceutical development have progressively become information based occupations in the sense that the ratio of time spent accumulating and integrating information as compared with time spent performing physical work has greatly increased. Delivery of healthcare services is changing in response to rising healthcare costs in developed economies and increasing demand for better health and quality of life in developing economies. Government payers are contracting the range of services they provide and this is also causing patients to elect for more consumer driven healthcare. An increasing percentage of pharmaceutical prescriptions are for generic drugs. Alternative healthcare choices have become more mainstream. These dynamic characteristics are raising the level of awareness and stimulating patients and caregivers to derive more and better information on treatment opportunities.

Patients are diagnosed and treated one at a time. Healthcare has been and will continue to be personalized and individualized. Physicians and caregivers learn from patients and vice versa and we as medical scientists and product developers learn from both. Pharmaceutical products are completed when delivered in the context of the individual patient. In view of these needs and opportunities for patients, caregivers and ourselves we communicate in person via the respective specialists with physicians and caregivers and society.


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