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As corporate citizens we effect a code of business conduct which expresses integrity in all our activities and endeavors to communicate in a forthright and honest manner with healthcare providers, consumers and society.

We place patients health at the heart of our business.

Our values include “enlightened self interest” or “doing well while doing good” for patients, employees, investors and society.

We believe that the health and wellbeing of all societies is a solid foundation for sustainable economy and social progress.

We respect diversity.


We encourage and facilitate employee volunteering and public leadership in community, educational and social activities such as eldercare, inherited childhood diseases and especially in health related philanthropic ventures worldwide.

We seek to promote the activities of women and minorities whether as employees or as contractor small business and academic contractor partners by enabling their new ideas, innovation and projects through financial support, flexible working schedules and access to internal or external resources.

We support the employment of disabled persons in order to help them attain their fullest potential in life.

We support tailor made programs and mentoring of individuals in all age groups to encourage their commitment, excellence, energy and facilitate career advancement.

We do not have a mandatory retirement age.

We endeavor to be good stewards of the environment in our business activities and we support market-based and regulatory measures to prevent and solve environmental problems.

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