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Working Environment


We look for people who are inspired by our mission and vision and who will fit in well with the collaborative, rigorous and entrepreneurial spirit of the Company’s culture. These people are fluent or becoming fluent in the language of pharmaceutical discovery, people who may be seasoned professionals or recent graduates. They are passionate about and understand the value of research, are hard working and who work well under pressure, they show personal initiative yet are highly collaborative. Such people are found in every level of our firm, and in every role.

Your background and qualifications may include one or more of: top level experimental skills, brilliant conceptual and analytic skills, demonstrated leadership or management skills or outstanding academic performance. Your skill set may be a very diverse set of skills, but more importantly some components will be truly exceptional. Alongside your skills an interest in science and medicine and the opportunity to make a difference in patients lives will spark you.

We are a growing organization and research is our core competency. Our environment is as horizontally organized as is practicable in order to promote the comfort and creativity of employees. Our people are talented, achievement-oriented individuals in all functional areas and at all experience levels. Our business operates in a world of opportunity, is open to exploration of ideas and concerns itself with optimizing the functions of the world’s most complicated machine i.e. the human body.

In your work environment you are surrounded by highly ethical people where you and we must challenge our fellow employees to perform better, smarter, and more responsively and creatively every single day. However it is a nurturing environment where people know they are valued and treated as a meritocracy. It is a place where the people you want to work with work and where the whole is greater than the sum of our respective parts.

Our job is to make the exciting and unpredictable into the accomplished and predictable. We do not look for needles in haystacks or hope that one in a hundred thousand molecules performs. We anticipate your ball average will like that of your fellow professionals be in the double-digit percentage level. Career paths are governed primarily by the evolution of an employee's abilities and interests.

We offer employees a rewarding work experience at all levels, whether in the creative energy of a laboratory or the industrious excitement of an office. You will have opportunity to work with the best creative minds in the business. In order to attract and retain the very best talent, you must impress co-workers so that they know they are working in the best place. You are an investment in our future and part of our rapidly expanding vision of robust sustainable growth. We invest in your success and you secure our mutual success.

As a beginning we provide competitive compensation and excellent benefits and lots of opportunities thereafter. As our employees build their careers, they each contribute to building the most trusted pharmaceutical company globally.

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