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Our vision is to achieve the greatest value by adding most efficiently the most relevant data to a sea of prior data of varying levels of utility to create rational and reproducible chemical solutions to biological problems. Thus our scientists seek to identify the signal and eliminate the noise most efficiently. We utilize gene and protein sequencing and other cell biology data generating methodologies merely as means to identify the building blocks or alphabet of the compositions of life. That is merely a beginning. To create products one must also read the content of the language of life. Having recognized the ‘alphabet’ we then consider what chemistry underlies the operations, controls and medicinal chemistry opportunities of those compositions, building block interplays or systems.

We envisage being market leaders in the treatment of metabolic and neurological degenerative disorders by providing solutions, which address the initiating events and the cascades of damage, which follow thereafter in these diseases. We anticipate that such products will not only be first choice treatments but will also penetrate markets as products, which prevent progression and complications of disease.

We perform as individuals, teams and as an organization working creatively and interdependently, with a spirit of commitment and the cooperation of an integrated populace. We develop intelligence to dismantle risks without dissipating focus or resources and creatively replace them with a new strategic position and its associated opportune solutions.

We optimize value for patients, employees and investors by real time accounting of the values of financial, human and intellectual capital and their constant real time essential interplay.

We are responsive to the human condition and markets and learn from the insights of patients, caregivers and society and communicate our responses to those sources in turn.


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