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Who We Are

The Company was named Verne Mendel Medical Corp., where Verne means "spring" or "youth" and Mendel means "of mind’, because it was incorporated after successfully preventing a toxic form of Parkinsonism.

The Company has a diverse business platform that is built on a foundation of exceptional talent and technology committed to changing the outcomes for patients who experience common degenerative diseases of aging and other rarer inherited mitochondrial diseases amounting to a total of seventy five or more diseases.

Verne Mendel Medical is a technological leader being the only pharmaceutical company globally which has discovered a method of preventing and controlling mitochondrial DNA damage and developing treatments for mitochondrial degenerative diseases. The technology focuses on nature’s own method of protecting mitochondrial DNA and it is the only chemical strategy, which successfully mimics endogenous mitochondrial protection.

This knowledge includes the sequence data of the mitochondrial DNA, the sequences of the mitochondrial proteins, and the genetic defects associated with acquired and inherited mitochondrial DNA damage diseases and aspects of mitochondrial function and regulation in health and disease. Thirty years of knowledge of the mitochondrial genome and mitochondrial function combined with the Company’s proprietary discoveries on mitochondrial DNA protection leads to the discovery of pharmaceuticals which treat causative events rather than symptoms of two major groups of degenerative diseases of aging. Verne Mendel offers enormous change in medical care by providing orally deliverable pharmaceuticals to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Diabetes that will enhance both the duration and the quality of life.

By contrast it may take several decades of further research to reach a comparable level of understanding of the nuclear genome and the proteins it codes for.

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